Waste King 8000

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The Waste King
Legend 8000

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The Waste King 8000 1.0-horsepower disposal showcases an ultra-powerful motor, stainless steel grinding components, superior sound insulation, and a corrosion proof grinding chamber. Buy here and save 20% off the list price.
Waste King 8000
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Worth The Money?

Our site is all about the easy to install Waste King 8000 continuous feed garbage disposal. Featuring a 1.0 horsepower ultra-powerful energy-efficient, high-speed 2,800 RPM motor, the Waste King Legend 8000 will more than earn its rightful place in your kitchen. With this kind of power you'll be able to grind up just about anything you want, as this disposal devours food waste with a thirst of vortex vengeance.

Two of the hallmark components of this disposal unit is its heavy cast stainless steel anti jam swivel impellers and stainless steel grinding components. Designed to reduce jamming, the Legend 8000 offers a mess-free jam-free corrosion proof solution to your food waste disposal.

The WKing grinding chamber is manufactured with high quality glass-filled nylon that will never corrode, and because the stainless steel grinding components are sound insulated, you'll get the quietest grind possible.

Along with this bad boy comes a fast and easy mounting system with all the necessary hardware that also includes a 36 inch power cord for a hassle-free installation.

The WK 8000 also comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion and is backed by a limited mechanical warranty, which means if your disposer ever develops a material or mechanical defect within the lifetime of the original purchaser, your Waste King will be replaced in your home free of charge.

So... is the Waste King 8000 really worth the money? For me, after I installed it in my home I had a few of friends over for the game, pizza and BBQ. While my friends were drinking their beer and looking on I proceeded to cram down over a dozen chicken bones among other food debris and then flicked it on! Totally ANNIHILATED the offering, it screamed for MORE!!! That was it! At that moment, with my friends hollering aloud, that made it worth every penny! To get yours TODAY click here

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What About Composting?

As food costs increase and garbage dumps fill up, it's hard not to be familiar with the amount of stuff all of us throw out. It's especially bothering to toss out food, even when it is merely the scraps and parings. Thrifty residential chefs could keep a stockpot to make sure that they can use their old vegetables for soup and also sauce bases. Some are taking the reuse idea one step further by setting up residential composting containers for their vegetable scraps. Garden compost makers will assist you, and you'll have a healthier yard and decrease the amount of waste you get rid of by reusing household fruit and vegetable scraps.

By dumping veggies, fruits, and also paper waste into composting containers microbial activity will take over to make the organic product decompose as well as end up being fertile garden soil rich in nutrients. If you live where there is clay, sandy, or other issue dirt, you could use the composted soil to enhance the top quality of these poor soils.

You could construct your garden compost maker, or simply acquire one. They are available at most hardware box stores in a range of dimensions, designs, as well as shades to fit any home or setting, whether city, rural or country.

All you have to do to get going is keep a container near the kitchen area or under the sink so while preparing food you can easily dump your scraps. Then at the end of the day take it out to the compost heap. Here's a few of the items you can compost: vegetable scraps, grass cuttings, apple cores, banana peels, coffee grounds, egg shells, paper towels, shredded paper, and straw.

Put your compost in a bright area so that the warmth can promote microbial activity, residential composting bins should hold a good bit of heat. Make certain to turn the compost regularly.

Once you take up composting, it quickly becomes a regular component of the family life. A person could delight in the vegetables, herbs, or blossoms, that come from the boosted garden soil after composting is complete.

Items you should avoid composting include glass, plastic, aluminum foil, bones and meat scraps. If you have the powerful Waste King Legend food waste disposal, you can go ahead and grind up meat scraps and chicken bones are okay too.

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